Fairly allocating parking spaces

fairpark enables administrators to manage the allocation of parking spaces in a context of scarcity or shortage. The spaces (or permits) are distributed by applying criteria that are selected and weighted by the company. Many criteria can be taken into account: the level of accessibility each employee has to the site professional needs, personal constraints, size and/or motorisation of vehicles, modes of transport and so on. The spaces (or permits) are thus allocated fairly in a few clicks.

Optimising the use of parking spaces

fairpark helps you make the best use of your parking capacity. Optimisation starts with a distribution of spaces (or permits) as close as possible to the actual needs of employees (every day, x day(s) per week). Parking permit holders can make their parking space available in a few clicks via the web platform or mobile app (iOS and Android). The spaces thus freed up can be used, upon reservation, by all users of the site, including visitors.

Organising carpooling on a daily basis

Based on employees’ addresses and working hours, fairpark makes it possible to calculate the carpooling potential of the company and thus foresee the savings that can be achieved, in particular with regard to parking spaces. Each employee can view his or her own carpooling potential and can directly seek travel partners and create their team. All journeys made by car, in connection with a regular or occasional parking permit, can be shared through carpooling via the web platform or the mobile app (iOS and Android).

Distributing mobility services

While not indicated by its name (!), fairpark also makes it possible to manage all the mobility services offered by the company to its employees, thus constituting a unique and integrated tool for people in charge of mobility management. Services such as: subsidies for public transport, bonuses for the use of active modes of transport or a fleet of electric bikes, etc. can be directly integrated into fairpark and requested by staff via the platform.

An ultra-flexible tool

fairpark does not require any internal IT project and fully adapts to your professional software environment. Thanks to the interfaces that can be implemented with your ERP, the parking lot barrier activation system and your SSO, it makes it possible to manage staff mobility with a minimum of human resources.

fairpark is fully configurable as closely as possible to the needs and existing tools of each customer.

fairpark manages parking spaces pricing.

fairpark is compatible with the EU Data Protection Regulation.

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